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Tasneem Afzal, President
Tasneem is a bank officer and participates in various philanthropic activities.

Dr. Bina Kamdar, Ex-Officio President

Dr. Kamdar is a dermatologist by profession and an elected delegate for the California Democratic Party. She has dedicated her life to health care, community development, and philanthropy. She is also actively involved with the Memon Organization of North America and also devotes time to run free clinic for the needy in the community with her husband, Dr. Ashraf Kamdar.

Abida Ahmed, Vice President
Abida Ahmed is an active member of the community and devotes time and effort to support and promotes humanitarian causes. She is grateful to her parents, especially her father, for instilling this quality in her by serving as a role model.
Bilquis Haider, Event Coordinator

Zeenat Jandga, Marketing/Media

Zeenat Jandga is has an active MGYW Board Member and coordinates with MGYW's Media Consultant on content of Facebook postings. She is also involved in MGYW's fundraising activities and Board Member of various other distinct Non Profits.

Zille Huma Zaman, Treasurer

Zille Huma is a retired member of Orange County Office with 22 years experience of working with OC Sheriff, Treasurer- Tax Collector and District Attorney departments. She is a well recognized and active member of Orange County community who donates time, money, experience and skills to help create a better world. She is firm believer of, “do what you can, with what you have and where you are”. 

Dr. Farhana Mohamed, Global Chair
Dr. Mohamed is an environmental manager by profession and has received national recognition and awards for her services to promote public health and environment. In addition to other politico-social activities, she founded MGYW in 2000 which empowers Pakistan’s meritorious but underprivileged young women through education. She writes on current affairs in local newspapers and supports organizations that inspire the students from low income schools in the USA and South Asia.



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